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  • KimKardashianStalker69

    Egg is fruit @Purussia

  • Christian Cameron
    Christian Cameron

    Just traded in my s20 ultra to att for a 700 dollar discount on a 12 pro max, so excited!

  • Quinn Andrews
    Quinn Andrews

    what was that first track???

  • Andres Scarpetta
    Andres Scarpetta

    Code not working anymore

  • Amin Nazari
    Amin Nazari

    What's the point of the video?

  • Pharmavel Velissarakos
    Pharmavel Velissarakos

    NOW PLEASE compare these to the new Phantoms (just released) but this time as a pair too!

  • Samy Lopez
    Samy Lopez

    The Galaxy Buds+ are far more convenient with that 11 hours of playtime, seal is the best for me and comfortable for long term use

  • valdor15

    "sound comes with you! Even if you back up!" Yeah that's how sound works

  • Pogify

    Im on a 7 still rockin this sick machine doe

  • MIA

    Hi can you please do a review on the amazfit gts 2 I'm thinking of getting it thanks 😊

  • Muhammad Y.A
    Muhammad Y.A

    everyone gangsta till a phone flips out of it

  • Billie Bell
    Billie Bell

    I can imagine thse being good for musicians and singers

  • X Æ A-Xii
    X Æ A-Xii

    World's most expensive remote control.

  • Kenny Joe Inos
    Kenny Joe Inos

    My Samsung S9 is still killing it!

  • chevon1920

    I would’ve been better if they made him furry. I don’t understand why they didn’t do that

  • Dave Ralph
    Dave Ralph

    Hi there, what’s the music you play on the devices near the end? Couldn’t find it under Therapy Music on UZload or Spotify. Many thanks

  • Jonathan Scott
    Jonathan Scott

    Forget the speakers....what are those beats???

  • holtsdav

    The music at the start was the best

  • The Fusion Force TCG
    The Fusion Force TCG

    id love to challenge you with my robot daimyo

  • Noieh


  • Dreamer843

    Haha how much for the old Z? And this video is on point

  • turbo

    HTC should file a lawsuit. Wing was a name of their phone that did a similar thing back in 2007 (Widows Mobile).

  • Alex Fuentes
    Alex Fuentes

    *me watching the video with my iPhone se* : 🥲💔

  • Amira Monica
    Amira Monica

    *breaktoolz* on IG just got my iPhone 8 fixed what a gunies it again think you should give him a try .......

  • Amira Monica
    Amira Monica

    *breaktoolz* on IG just got my iPhone 8 fixed what a gunies it again think you should give him a try .......

  • The Horseman
    The Horseman

    What happens when u get a call and ur in flip/wing mode? Does the phone have to go back to rectangle shape?


    I am looking to buy a new phone. With mini SD card expandability. I was looking at the S 20 + 5G. Do you know if the camera issue has been fixed on the latest models and if so is it really worth it or should I wait for a different model to come out any suggestions on a different phone also

  • Stoke Mash123
    Stoke Mash123

    Apple is just trying to cash in everything right now.

  • Mogand .M
    Mogand .M

    10:43 that cutting man is clean I like that you are wearing black 2 just for the Vibe As always trying to do your best

  • Snufnik

    There are no new comments.. hmm

  • RL

    Lol how is iPhone changing all they did was flatten the sides(I'm not hating on apple )

  • svso0312

    Still using this in march 2021. Best phone ever!

  • Jerry Munoz
    Jerry Munoz


  • Purple Turtle
    Purple Turtle


  • Jeffaloo

    Oh gooooooottttttt!!! 😂😂😂

  • Ronick Kothare
    Ronick Kothare

    I can't believe its not a flametheower!

  • cosmin mihai
    cosmin mihai

    not that you will be disappointed. Oh man. that's a lot of money

  • iitscharli

    Who else watching this on their iPhone 12 Pro Max ?!

  • 0ricky7

    No twitter but that phone would make me switch from my Samsung s21 ultra

  • Emperor Solar
    Emperor Solar

    I have a pair of fake air pods and honestly they work almost better

  • the.abhiram.r

    2016 was a way better place to be

  • Ben Sutton
    Ben Sutton

    His sense of wonder is sickening

  • Lucía Brevé
    Lucía Brevé

    My twitter account is @lucibrv

  • Lucía Brevé
    Lucía Brevé

    @ lucibrv

  • Amr Khaled
    Amr Khaled

    he sold his soul

  • Eby Alexander
    Eby Alexander

    Hi i am here from the future to tell you that now you are the second most subscribed tech youtuber

  • Moon Manila
    Moon Manila

    Please let me win this time😊🙏🤞 TWITTER: @ArisMoon727

  • Moon Manila
    Moon Manila

    Please let me win this time😊🙏🤞 TWITTER: @ArisMoon727

  • Moon Manila
    Moon Manila

    NEBULA 4k is the definition of BIG TWITTER: @ArisMoon727

  • Moon Manila
    Moon Manila

    NEBULA 4k is the definition of BIG TWITTER: @ArisMoon727

  • Zorex

    Who´s here from lew later?

  • Sam Sam
    Sam Sam

    Why not plaid+ ?? Plus you should have kept the 19" for suspensions

  • Matthew Calica
    Matthew Calica

    AMG and xiaomi, bruh @pinkmenche

  • Aide Lopez
    Aide Lopez


  • jinri

    my twitter is _yerified !!

  • Enoch Armah-Quaye
    Enoch Armah-Quaye

    I remember you reviewed a device like this sometime ago

  • MarVI2021

    Ill get it soon when ill be big cus im now in 11 year old

  • Faze Skull
    Faze Skull

    Bro one of my friends called my set up trash and then I just pull up with this

  • Christopher

    none of the above......get the tab a7 10.4 with lte

  • Dean Potts
    Dean Potts

    you purposely shafted this guy, need your head to reduce in size!!!

  • Krislyn Kate
    Krislyn Kate

    Does anyone know I can use this on a Pixelbook?

  • 1 2
    1 2

    you call yourself a technophile, and you've never used linux gnome?

  • Ahmed Alaa
    Ahmed Alaa


  • Abraham Capps
    Abraham Capps

    Since No one said it:(⌐■_■)

  • Jerome McCollom
    Jerome McCollom

    I wanted to buy this for work where you can't have music but it has that play panel on the side, just a tad too obvious

  • Antonio Jiménez
    Antonio Jiménez

    This is amazing! @_antoniojimenez

  • Tom Amar
    Tom Amar

    iPhone 12 Pro Max is the best phone