Sony PlayStation 5 BLACK Edition...
Here it is... The Black PS5 you've been waiting for.
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy

    Black or white PlayStation 5?

    • Christian C
      Christian C


    • Asd


    • moreelo silva
      moreelo silva

      RED ....🟥♥️♦️

    • Alex


    • Akshay GM
      Akshay GM


  • Bahrom Sulong
    Bahrom Sulong

    Just spray paint the cover black duh....

  • getstrongby40

    Won't they just be selling custom covers soon? They pop off so easy I'm sure it's going to happen Edit: always watch the video before you comment kids

  • iLiamXgamer33 i
    iLiamXgamer33 i

    That is so cool I wish My family had money to get one

  • Batman

    Give me back my Ps5!

  • Swacky

    A product by LewLater😂😂

  • Dominick Barnes
    Dominick Barnes

    Notice how the place he is in looks like the area where Batman would have/get his tech 😗

  • Tim Clabau
    Tim Clabau

    Thdre is a lot of lag during the vid on your front-camera

  • Mogand .M
    Mogand .M

    10:43 that cutting man is clean I like that you are wearing black 2 just for the Vibe As always trying to do your best

  • Amr Khaled
    Amr Khaled

    he sold his soul


    So disappointed about Team Xbox not running with this concept last gen or this gen.. After the 360 face plates i expected this to be the next step. But they never did unfortunately I think with the consoles being so big. Microsoft chose the right color black makes it look slimmer. There's a reason the One S was the white and the original and X was Black... Getting this.. But i know I'm gonna fuck up the middle sticker 😂

  • Poiint-Blank

    Cool story bruh, if only we have one to install this beautiful piece of art 😂

  • Grin Cadorna
    Grin Cadorna

    We should name it spaghetti Matte black is really looks cool 😎

  • CookieCat 101
    CookieCat 101

    2:06 did anyone felt a frame drop a bit idk maybe it’s me kek

    • Chickenman 619
      Chickenman 619

      Mine did too

  • sourii kashanii
    sourii kashanii

    Ps5 racist edition

  • Moein Mirjalili
    Moein Mirjalili


  • Dell Bank
    Dell Bank

    Owned my ps5 since September can gladly say this with passion

  • LuckyGee805

    Now that looks fuxckin sexy and what doesn't look good in black

  • Keoagile Mpolokeng
    Keoagile Mpolokeng

    Black electronics always look better.

  • Naomi Wendot
    Naomi Wendot

    Same I'v never had a ps in my life

  • JamCriminal


  • André Vieira
    André Vieira

    what people don't understand about sony suing companies for selling their hardware is that companies by buying ps5's to then sell them is making sony lose money, since sony is already selling their consoles at a loss and expect those that buy them to buy games to compensate the loss. if the consoles that companies customize don't end up selling, no one will be buying games for those consoles and so sony will be losing a lot of money. just wait for sony to release an official black matte ps5 instead of being a pain in the ass and daring them to sue

  • The 9 tails spirit
    The 9 tails spirit

    5:54 . I thought he's gonna sing ''One Step Closer '' .

  • BlueDaCrafter

    Me: cool My PS5: no

  • BlueDaCrafter

    -🏳️white- 🏴✅

  • Pehmaan Ali
    Pehmaan Ali

    I got the case for my s21 and I love it! It feels so premium 🔥

  • Gianni Reyes
    Gianni Reyes

    YO were did my Wifi Router go 😳

  • Master gamers
    Master gamers

    I like the black color more than the white one

  • Owab Fudol
    Owab Fudol

    Lew: The PlayStation 5 is and uh what can I say the look of it has been a little bit divisive maybe some people love it they Lew 2 months ago: Wow I really love the texture in this thing and the color is so great damn.

  • Herimanantenasoa Narindra Andriamanantany
    Herimanantenasoa Narindra Andriamanantany

    They present black edition, the white one is already a limited edition...

  • Karima Lyoussfi
    Karima Lyoussfi

    A would do it wit a aerosol spry it black 😂

  • Brani


  • waddyboy13

    Why would sony not market this themselves if it is soo easy to swap out??

  • waddyboy13

    I’m shocked just how bad sony actually got the cosmetic design wrong...its like Alienware were building 10 years ago.....I will not buy it purely because I do not want it on show in my living room next to my corsair one gaming pc, and to be fair I’m playing on an Rtx 2080 it so why would I need this?? Shame really as I have always loved the sony exclusives. Ill stick with my PS4 slim for the odd session. Really bad design sony.

  • AxryBeatz

    Black produces more heat I dont want a jet engine ps5 like the ps4 pro I had

  • Faisal Khan
    Faisal Khan

    I have both the ps5 with the cd insert and the box series x so I'm obviously ordering this 😂

  • qbanz

    Ok same game system , but it’s black lol

  • Nikiplus Nikiplus
    Nikiplus Nikiplus

    we did it boys racism is no more

  • Minty Mint
    Minty Mint

    The black ps5, blacked out ps5, the batman black ps5 Black: 👁️👄👁️

  • Jeff J
    Jeff J

    I personally love the white PS5☁️ we've had black PlayStations since forever.

  • Mr Smiley
    Mr Smiley

    Couldn't you just paint it just easy and cheaper and no waiting

  • Mr. I Son of Hernan
    Mr. I Son of Hernan

    Lew: If you're one of those people who has both the PS5 and Xbox Series X 99% of people: Bruh, I can't even get one of those

  • Barack Obama
    Barack Obama

    I extra bought one in black. But it still doesnt run faster. :(

  • leeisonfire

    Does look smart, I just need to find one now.

  • Terrell Robinson
    Terrell Robinson

    How in the #@%#! Do they have a black edition when they don't have first white in stock anywhere?!?

  • Seth Hewitt
    Seth Hewitt

    Does anyone know how to get a ps5 right now

  • Hydir Idris
    Hydir Idris

    Welcome to the dark side

  • Christian Leinhauser
    Christian Leinhauser

    I just want one. Don’t care what color it is.

  • Swifty Playz750
    Swifty Playz750

    Just spray paint your white ps5 black and boom literally no reason to buy this

  • michael deadwyler
    michael deadwyler

    When you buy the plates and don't have the console.

  • Rabbit

    Hello beautifulll


    Its nice but ill wait for now. In another 6 months these things will be cheap as chips.

  • GreeneThumbs

    Looks like a Series X after the matte black makeover.

  • ZMoses22

    yh no the white one looks way cooler, I usually like the black version of consoles and pcs and have my phone settings on dark mode but the black one looks shit compared to the white PS5

  • Almowail Ali
    Almowail Ali

    No need buy ps5 now... what i need ps5 special edition like my ps4 pro special edition👍🏼✋🏻❤

  • Abuboyi1

    I would choose black and the red in the middle

  • milo san
    milo san

    Glad it's not like the escobar bullshit. Or is it?

  • Monkey Guy80
    Monkey Guy80

    Clear cases are the Best looks imo 🤔

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki

    Xbox is better

  • jason born
    jason born

    stupid, i hope sony sues the fuck outta them

  • Alessio Flammia
    Alessio Flammia

    I'd appreciate even a pink one. Just give it to me

  • King Frog
    King Frog

    The black ps5 kinda looks worse

  • Gio Mora ortiz
    Gio Mora ortiz

    Who would buy the black edition ps5 when u can just paint the white ps5😂

  • Lionheart XV
    Lionheart XV

    I'd prefer grey

  • Adolf Swampius Shrekler
    Adolf Swampius Shrekler

    Me with my black ps4 : Mmmh intresting

  • The Knight Of Death
    The Knight Of Death

    The main reason i think Many people who don’t have a ps5 or a next gen console is because of some UZloadrs go out and buy like 60 ps5s we would all have one if best buy or Walmart put 1 console per person limit

  • saerenka

    Me with an empty wallet watching it while my ps5 isn’t even shipped yet: 👁👄👁

  • Isa M
    Isa M

    You know how I know Sony wont sue this company? .... They can't even afford porduction of more ps5s.

  • This is officialy A dead channel
    This is officialy A dead channel

    Me who just brought a ps5 and is looking through all these videos on how to customise it: interesting...

  • N4BZi

    Mistake your PS5 for Darth Vader in part for the all black but also with fans that close to the plastic panel it probably sounds like him too

  • Chapmannn

    Omg black looks so good 😱😱😱

  • Steven Shearer
    Steven Shearer

    was that 60 $ for the middle strip ? or the who plate ?

    • Steven Shearer
      Steven Shearer

      all the contents from your order will ship together in May 2021. We'll email you with shipping details as soon as your order has left our warehouse. Must be popular still I cant get the ps5 yet still out of stock

  • Steven Shearer
    Steven Shearer

    Black Edition looks so much better

  • gremlinstdm

    Imagine making a company that makes black customisation for PS5s. They obviously saw a business opportunity and took it. I would only buy from sony, or a company I could trust

  • Reginald Johnson
    Reginald Johnson

    PS5 is on the way but these plates aren’t even available until may! Oh yeah and by the way If your trying to get a PS5 I highly recommend following all the Twitter alert pages and turn notifications on. With some luck you’ll get one before they’re sold out like I did but it took awhile of chasing.

  • bryant gonzalez
    bryant gonzalez

    They need to make carbon fiber for the middle section

  • cubzzZ

    Hes filming this in batmans bunker wth

  • cubzzZ

    That website is a nightmare on mobile with that scrolling effect

  • Nuwaisir Rahman
    Nuwaisir Rahman

    just waiting for rgb plates to come out now

  • Pugg 14
    Pugg 14


  • Rehaan Mehra
    Rehaan Mehra

    Damn i m gonna buy it its dope

  • Iqbal Muhammad
    Iqbal Muhammad

    Where's dualsense controller?

  • Brandon Mcmorrow
    Brandon Mcmorrow

    Who else bought these before the PS5

  • Thunderfox

    I mean, the white case for the ps5 doesn't bother me at all. After all, the ps1 was white too

  • Mello Gaming
    Mello Gaming


  • Bronson

    Having friends who work electronics at target Ima have no problems getting the heads up for a new shipment of ps5’s 🤫

  • Bronson

    Looks dope but idk if I can justify like $70 just for two thin ass pieces of plastic and a sticker....

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Black power

  • Sky6an

    Im so glad I wasn't able to get a ps5 early so now I can buy the black ps5

    • D-Nasty's Noise
      D-Nasty's Noise

      There is no black model

  • Tyler Thomas
    Tyler Thomas

    Goo goo gaa gaa

  • Fazecase_ 908
    Fazecase_ 908

    i have a ps5 im one of these lucky people

  • YoungKing_YT

    The black Ps5🔥🤟🏽‼️

  • Roronoa Scvrecrow
    Roronoa Scvrecrow

    The white one is better

    • lil baby
      lil baby

      To me, black one just cleaner and more stealthy. But I guess it's just personal preference.


    Im starting to believe the PS5 doesn't even exist

  • blackdeath1000

    A Dark Red or blue would be cool.

  • Thedjrush

    It will look nice next to my series x

  • iconic.60fps

    Sony : we will sue you Dbrand: oh come on then try ME THEN SUE ME COME YOU SCARED ??? TRY!!! ME!!😡 Sony: ok ok sorry 😨

  • Brandon McGillis
    Brandon McGillis

    They’ve done black for 4 models the new one is refreshing , I would of honestly liked the classic grey with a touch of nostalgia more than i would Like the black

    • MajorTreesh

      Yea the og grey ps1 color would’ve been nicer to spice it up or the colors they had for the ps3 super slims

  • Artem Kurbatov
    Artem Kurbatov

    I thought that the default color looks fine but this one is soo cool, that I’m thinking of coloring it black. The video is weirdly slow in some moments, probably because of crazy editing

  • Ncole Amy
    Ncole Amy

    Sorry, ‘Has NO reason to sue.