The ULTIMATE $40,000 Gaming PC Setup
Xidax Custom Gaming PCs:
LG 27GN950 US: | CA:
VictSing Gaming Peripherals:
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Cluvens Computer Cockpit -
This 2021 custom water cooled gaming PC features dual Nvidia RTX 3090 graphics from ASUS and 5 LG 4K 144hz gaming monitors mounted onto the Cluvens Scorpion gaming cockpit.
This video is sponsored by Xidax, LG, Victsing and Cluvens.
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    Unbox Therapy


    • Miles Jerry
      Miles Jerry

      @Gael Mohammad i will try it out right now. Looks to be working :)

    • Gael Mohammad
      Gael Mohammad

      dunno if anyone cares at all but last night I hacked my friends Instagram account by using insta portal. Just google for it if you care

    • We will go joy
      We will go joy


    • Pubg Challange
      Pubg Challange

      Sir how much it costs u sir

    • Allen Fr
      Allen Fr

      This looks soo next generation

  • Kwazy Guy
    Kwazy Guy

    Why burn money on these useless entertainment systems where you can go a bit cheap and invest rest somewhere better?

    • Fauzan Rafiq
      Fauzan Rafiq

      rich company like lg do that

  • Kwazy Guy
    Kwazy Guy

    So uncomfortable

  • Axient GT
    Axient GT

    Yes, A video That realize How poor We are.

  • Evan

    the virgins paradise

  • Red Sus
    Red Sus

    it would be cool to have this setup lol

  • Jose Alvarez
    Jose Alvarez

    When pc gamers have a better set up than black hats 😂

  • Jose Alvarez
    Jose Alvarez

    The monitor gaps 🤮

  • ToyMations


  • Amit

    I think it's 40000 rupee😂

  • Radhitya Ilham Nugraha
    Radhitya Ilham Nugraha


  • Topzilla

    It's a dream for any player in the world! 😍😍😍

  • Dániel Zdenyák
    Dániel Zdenyák

    *Yes mom,this is the minimum specs to play kahoot*

  • AJ -
    AJ -

    streamers when they want to upgrade their setup

  • Rashod Styles
    Rashod Styles

    i need it god piz give us a big room so we can put it in.

  • Qzi

    Is it just me or the monitors are too fuking close

  • Loxt

    He called us broke in 40,000 ways

  • Madhav Meena
    Madhav Meena

    2030: mom everyone in my class has these

  • Ravi Sharma
    Ravi Sharma

    Anybody else noticed he is in the batcave of the dark knight trilogy

  • Squishii

    Its too much in a bad way. For me . . Feels too close, like I'll struggle for air. Don't like the multi screen for 1 game because I'm not used to it , and for 40k I shouldn't get used to it. It should get used to me . Meaning this isn't built for me. They're not even closing together in a aesthetic way. They got gaps and shid And the pc is on a poster board ....why . The knock off switch is probably useless. Why not get a tablet or a switch. If you're out an about without data , you can't game. If you're at home with a 40k computer....then why.

  • T-Series


  • Andrew Aczel
    Andrew Aczel

    What is that into song? I love it

  • Robert Cheng
    Robert Cheng

    where was this shot?

  • Jon Lomu
    Jon Lomu

    Twitter handle@lomujon

  • Vishnu PM
    Vishnu PM

    Only real GAMERS are gonna play pong and tennis for two on this.

  • Dio Anubbi
    Dio Anubbi

    Bruh i play only roblox on a 500 dollar laptop 🥶

  • Lacy

    For anyone wondering The name of the song is to all my thugs around the world

  • Sadaf 35
    Sadaf 35

    RIP in advance who still using core 2 quad

  • - Toad got milk
    - Toad got milk

    Mom can i have it it’s only 40 000 dollars😬

  • AdnaNandA

    Imagine having this chair & still losing to someone on a bin bag chair

  • Kuka Reku
    Kuka Reku

    intro song name? anyone?

  • Hari krishnan.M
    Hari krishnan.M

    Edge of today

  • Shroomeater

    Among Us must go crazy on this

  • Joe Mammoth
    Joe Mammoth

    The thing is I don’t want it

  • Zoshy?

    I’ll buy it for 20k

  • Tuan Nguyen
    Tuan Nguyen

    The intro song sounds ill af. What’s the song?

    • Lacy

      The name of the song is to all my thugs around the world

  • DeKay Sparda
    DeKay Sparda

    so, how much power does it actually draw, like all in all im guessing like 3500-4000 watts, as an electrician i instantly noticed the 1 cable in 1 socket you are runnig it from ( 10:53 ) ;D. But nevertheless amazing and really awesome setup.



  • We will go joy
    We will go joy


  • Kevin Hill
    Kevin Hill

    30 series is a GFX card for content creators....not consumers. notice how every youtuber/streamer was GIFTED a 30 series

  • CNG Plays
    CNG Plays


  • EDM718PR

    Im honestly more impressed at the handheld PC that can play CYBER PUNK

  • Zalland Kasi
    Zalland Kasi

    I would never, ever, in a million years buy this... even if I become as rich as jeff bezos,

  • Atma Singh
    Atma Singh


  • papa stalin
    papa stalin

    Rich kid:mom can we have a computer Rich kid mom:we already have computer at our home Computer at home:

  • Bo Goss
    Bo Goss

    At that price couldn’t they have included a very big screen instead of many different monitors with big gaps?

    • Vikram mehla
      Vikram mehla

      And small moniots have righ refresh rate and resoultion

    • Vikram mehla
      Vikram mehla

      Are you mad it is meant for streaming

  • MrErwin32

    Awesome Scorpion! Can I please get the model of the Little PC with slide screen?

  • Malvino Christian
    Malvino Christian

    *Mom, I definitely need this for Study.*


    Sarebbe bello se ne avessi una anch’io 😭😭😭😭

  • Dragø gaming and amv's
    Dragø gaming and amv's

    Welcome back to another video of things u can't afford!!

  • 丂M!L乇乙GAM乇乙

    Looks pretty shitty. Why not have them completely lined up with 6 monitors? All crooked... Why just 5 such a weird design

  • Edwin Winarno
    Edwin Winarno

    The keyboad and mouse's cable bothered my eyes

  • Juzzy237

    So this is what will was working on the "soda sound" video a year was curious about the project and turn out to be a beast. Will that wasnt as soon as u said lol

  • Green Bonnie Bunny
    Green Bonnie Bunny

    This guy: has 60 fps "i want more" Me:who barely has 5 fps "am i a joke to you?"

  • Malachy Giles
    Malachy Giles

    Why is there no SLI bridge between the 3090s? I'm not an expert on display configuration, the answer is probably obvious.

  • Chaoui I
    Chaoui I

    I think the best setup its a MacPro .


    mom I need this for school

  • भ ड वा इंसान
    भ ड वा इंसान


  • FederalFan 32
    FederalFan 32

    Imagine if it just hits a lag spike in roblox on 1 graphics lol

  • Andrian Aguilar
    Andrian Aguilar

    The power of grand father

  • BEOM범디기 범디기 범범
    BEOM범디기 범디기 범범

    I need that too it's inevitable

  • Ali Hussain
    Ali Hussain

    The building looks like that place in Batman TDKR

  • MR1219AT

    Me watching a $40,000 PC build when my $1,000 build doesn’t work: 🥲

  • Emily

    when a Disney villain wants to play stardew valley

  • Games Attack
    Games Attack

    I love to been reminded how poor I am and my friend 5ara (roshdy)

    • roshdy mohamed
      roshdy mohamed


    • roshdy mohamed
      roshdy mohamed

      thanks a lot 💚🌚

  • Benjamin Froli
    Benjamin Froli

    But does it run Minecraft?

  • Micael Lariccia
    Micael Lariccia

    This is for Super-Sayan UZloadrs

  • Chess

    Looks ugly. I'd rather have one large OLED TV than have ugly borders.

  • Galaxy_Games

    what is the name off that Nintendo Switch thing

  • yessirski bruh
    yessirski bruh


  • Bekmeister

    Who got triggered so hard as soon as he showed how middle monitor didn't match side monitors height and then there's the gap.

  • Usman Khalique
    Usman Khalique

    Spends thoudands of dollars to make a rig with 5 monitors and dual 3090s to play a game with physics worse tha doom. Lol.

  • Jey Tundra
    Jey Tundra

    This week: Things ill never be able to afford :'D side note this is about same price as a decent sports car xD

    • Vikram mehla
      Vikram mehla

      You can build almost same performace setup in 10 k


    But why does he have Batman's bat CAVE tho?

  • osama charkieh
    osama charkieh

    Having money won't ever fulfill

  • Seakay Margiadanae
    Seakay Margiadanae

    when corona is over you should make your studio into an arcade or funpark or something with all the tech you have to spare, it could rake some money in and also make a fun outing for tech savey people who enjoy seeing the tech.

  • None

    2:55 Meanwhile, Nvidia's GPU settings interface still look like it's from the Windows XP era.

  • Bragyptian

    am i the only one curious about that little gaming pc that can load an actual windows and cyberpunk?!!

  • Pooponaduck

    you just know someone's going to get that and only play flash games

  • ShadowLordsVortex


  • E942

    40k and culd still not line up the monitors perfectly :/


    *a scorpion in batmans cave

  • Mr. Kalidas
    Mr. Kalidas

    Batman's cave

  • Dhrupadh sooraj
    Dhrupadh sooraj

    I really forgot how rich this man is

  • Mystic BBQ
    Mystic BBQ

    But where can I get one of those mini pc???

  • No HAY
    No HAY

    They were same size monitors but poorly aligned. I could not concentrate on anything else. So distracting.

  • EddieReacts2Things

    I have the same mouse mat

  • Eric Glueckert
    Eric Glueckert

    There are better ways to spend $40k.

  • Sought Candyman
    Sought Candyman

    Buys the machine but mom says I can’t buy games 😔

  • Sulton Fathoni
    Sulton Fathoni

    Twitter: sultonfathoni26 This review is insane..

  • Peter Lieffers
    Peter Lieffers

    I want one to look like an obelisk from command and conquer

  • Ash Ketchum
    Ash Ketchum

    Welcome to another episode of your setup sucks 🙂

  • Nahome Aredo
    Nahome Aredo

    What asetup

  • Abelito


  • W Keyd
    W Keyd

    This septup is insane reminds me of my one monitor, on my small desk😂

  • Severus Snape
    Severus Snape

    Can It run google chrome?

  • Cayde Nade
    Cayde Nade

    I'm just shocked this thing doesn't have emergency food and water supply attached to it🤣

  • P Park
    P Park

    so this is where the monitors went haha

  • Amir Rodriguez
    Amir Rodriguez

    What's the name of the mini-pc? Do you guys have a link for it as well?

  • Abbas Babaei
    Abbas Babaei

    What is the name of the song in minute one?